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Mobile Healthcare/Pharma/Medical Storage
Mobile Healthcare/Pharma/Medical Storage

Make the most of limited pharmacy space whilst improving work flow. PharmaStor's easy-access endof-aisle shelves are ideal for frequently used items.
Flexible interior storage can be designed to hold a variety of sizes and shapes. Easily updated when needs change.

Systems integrate shelves, cabinets and drawers, providing optimal storage capacity for slides, paraffin blocks, chemicals, hematology supplies and lab reports. Access control features ensure specimen and record security. Available soft start/stop feature protects fragile items.

Clean/Sterile Storage
The effective way to centralise storage, maintain sterile supplies and improve inventory control.
Efficiently stores pre-packed OR procedure kits and bulk materials and keeps materials close to point of use. Holds virtually any type of storage unit including wire racks and Plexiglas-fronted bins.

Bulk Storage
StoreFront® shelving improves access and makes it easy to keep a wide variety and quantity of medications on site. Efficiently stores bottles, boxes and bins. Improves staff efficiency and patient service.

Can be designed to hold both standard and mammography films. Lets you meet mandated on-site record requirements with minimum space and reduces off-site storage costs. Available in powered models that maximise storage and are easy to move.

Catheter Storage
Provides safe, sterile storage for catheters of all sizes in half the space of conventional storage products. Can accommodate drawers or hanging storage units (pegboards and slatwalls). Further increases item security with available locks and access control features.

Medical Records
Ensures HIPAA compliance with locking tambour doors. Also available keypad entry systems and remote access control. Flexible systems can be arranged to hold all types of paper records, claims forms and X-rays. Available data management systems make it easy to track record location.

Material Handling
Custom-configured systems hold everything from housekeeping supplies to physical plant stores. Available bar-coding systems improve inventory control. Durable powder coat finish backed by a limited lifetime warranty ensures years of dependable, maintenance-free use.

Health Information Sciences Library
Ideal for storing journals, archived documents, books, electronic media and bulky materials. Bar-code tracking improves filing efficiency. Security options limit access and prevent theft. Easily altered to meet changing needs.

Physical Therapy
Flexible systems store all types of equipment, plus educational resources and patient records. Can integrate shelves, drawers, cabinets, hanging racks and pegboards. Keeps equipment and supplies close to point of use.

For use with end-tab or hanging file folders. Efficiently stores everything from paperwork to office supplies to multi-media resources. Makes use of often wasted overhead and under-stair space. Keeps records on site to increase efficiency and reduce off-site storage fees.

Dietary/Food Storage
Ideal for storing boxes, bottles and containers of all sizes and shapes. Can be constructed out of aluminum for freezer installations. Keeps dietary storage close to food preparation and/or patient areas. Space-efficient compliment to wire shelving.

Medical records very often need to be stored securely to ensure the confidentiality of the information contained within them.

What's the best way to assure that your facility's stored paper records meet required standards? Choose Stodec mobile storage and shelving!

Limit record access:
Stodec mobile systems can include unit locks, lockable tambour doors, keypad entry systems and remote access control. Our systems can also be tied into building security systems to ensure record protection in the event of a fire or security breach.

Centralise medical records:
With twice the capacity of standard storage units, Stodec lets you consolidate medical records in supervised areas that are close to the point of use. Now you can control access and limit the likelihood that records will be used improperly.

Stodec backs its commitment to product quality with exceptional customer service, both before and after the sale.

Through our installation engineers, Stodec provides a level of expertise and competency that our competition simply can't match. Our team has experience in every aspect of storage, from architectural considerations and building regulations to security issues and floor loading. And we'll provide turn-key, single-source project management throughout all stages of design, installation and service.

Stodec has extensive experience in healthcare/pharma/medical storage and will work with you to create effective solutions that meet your unique criteria today - and are easily adapted to address your changing storage needs.

Please contact Clean Room Installation Services Ltd for further information regarding specialised high-density mobile storage for healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical and biotech storage.

Mobile Healthcare/Pharma/Medical Storage
Mobile Healthcare/Pharma/Medical Storage
Mobile Healthcare/Pharma/Medical Storage

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