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Particle Counters
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Particle Counters

Handilaz Mini Handheld Particle Counter

* Cost-effective
* Low-cost alternative for spot monitoring
* Versatile and useful for many applications
* Low cost of ownership
* Batteries allow continuous use with no downtime
* Diode laser eliminates need for frequent cleaning
* Convenient, easy to use
* Particle measurements made in seconds
* Intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface
* Interfaces directly by cable to optional printer or PC
* Easy data transfer to Excel
* Quick and easy leak detection
* Compact and portable
* Fits easily in palm of your hand
* Weighs only 1.5 lb. (0.68 kg)
* Uses standard AA batteries to provide easy mobility, extend testing periods, reduce costs, and simplify repurchasing

* Sizing sensitivities from 0.3 to 5.0 µm
* Simultaneously sizes and counts particles in 3 fixed channels
* Sample flow rate of 0.1 ft.3/min. (2.83 L/min.)
* Quiet pump, smart flow control
* Power supply for dedicated use, batteries for mobile use
* Stores up to 10,000 samples
* Five different sampling modes
* Data output via RS-232 or RS-485
* Data download software INCLUDED
* One year warranty
* External printer optional
* Four standard AA-sized, high capacity, quick change, rechargeable NiMH batteries

* Conducting ISO certification of cleanrooms
* Detecting local particle sources
* Point-of-use measurements in cleanrooms
* Dust monitoring
* Portable particle counting
* Filter testing and leak detection
* USP 797 compliance
* 21 CFR Part 11 monitoring

Lasair II 310a Particle Counter

This Particle Counter provides complete features in a compact, convenient package. Offers great portability, ease of use and a chemically-resistant, easy to clean cover. The Lasair II Particle Counter has unsurpassed laser life expectancy, with less than 3% of the units failing after 4 years, for a projected laser MTTF of over 13 years!

* Reduce defects
* Portable counter for localising particle sources
* Real-time measurement of defect-causing particles
* Patented sample-flow control provides more accurate measurements, eliminating errors from manifold sampling
* Increase productivity
* Quiet pump improves work environment
* Choose from nine languages for display and print out
* Generates both ISO and EC GMP reports from a single sampling run
* Calculates and creates reports for GMP Annex #1, ISO 14644-1, and FS-209E testing
* Stores sampling recipes, reducing labour and errors
* Comprehensive validation manual makes it easier for pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements
* Operates in cleanroom from office PC via web browser: Setup, sample, display, print, download data, update software
* Removable battery with optional external charger for continuous mobile use
* CSV data download via USB port
* Cost effective
* Best laser lifetime in the industry
* Rugged, chemically-resistant, ESD-minimising KYDEX® casing
* Easy to clean/wipe down; designed to minimise particle traps
* Long-life pump eliminates annual vane replacement

* Compact, convenient, lightweight
* Only 15.5 lbs (7.0 kg) with battery
* Sizing sensitivities from 0.3-25.0 µm
* Meets JIS accuracy standards
* Stores 3,000 samples
* Integrates up to six external analog sensors
* Provides range of data communications options
* Controllable for PC web browser
* Built-in thermal printer
* NiMH battery affords four to seven hours of use
* USB keyboard for quickly and efficiently entering sampling information

* Cleanroom monitoring
* Facility certification
* Trend analysis
* Statistical process control
* Troubleshooting
* Aerosol Manifold II compatible
* Portable or dedicated use

All particle counters are CE registered.

Many other Particle Counter Models are available from Clean Room Installation Service Ltd. Please contact us for more information.

Particle Counters

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