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Powdercoated Steel Lockers (with Biocote protection)
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Powdercoated Steel Lockers (with Biocote protection)

Any workplace, even those with only a small number of staff, can be enhanced by the addition of a well-organised and equipped locker room or staff changing area.

With a dedicated changing area in place, providing staff with secure storage space for their workwear, personal clothing and possessions well away from the actual workplace, clean and tidy work areas are maintained and good 'housekeeping' practises can be achieved. Lockers allow an individual's workwear to be kept in good condition and easily accessible, compartments within the locker being used to separate clean/dirty items, footwear and headgear.

The standard range of lockers fulfil these storage requirements. A range of accessories, colours and locks further enhance the range, offering the chance to customise the locker to meet your exact requirements.

The standard range contains the following design features:

Ventilation - Vents in the front improve air circulation.
Locking Systems - Wide range of optional fittings to choose from.
Strong Hinges - Semi concealed knuckle hinges are fitted to all lockers.
Door Frames - Door frames are of welded construction with folded edge for safety and strength.
Reinforced Doors - For security and strength, doors are reinforced with a central vertical section welded to the door.
Paint Finish - All surfaces are epoxy powder coated for longer lasting protection.
Nesting - Lockers are available in single or double nests. This makes installation easier and quicker in larger applications.

Standard Lockers are available in single, two, three, four, five and six tier formats, as well as a huge range of different colours.

Other variations available:

Cube Lockers - Ideal way of offering individual personal security in the workplace. They can be nested into any configuration by bolting together on the top, bottom or side. Cubes are ventilated at the rear.

Perforated Lockers - Standard and Cube Lockers available with perforated doors.

Garment Dispensers - Although these lockers were originally designed for issuing workwear, they are equally suitable for the controlled issue of safety equipment, consumables or specific materials required for a working day or shift.

Personal Item Lockers - For the secure storage of small items, such as mobile phones and purses, these lockers can be supplied in singles or nests of two and are available in 4 or 8 doors.

Punched Door Lockers - Security lockers with large door perforations. These doors are designed to allow visual access to the locker whilst providing secure storage.


Sloping Tops - Prevent litter being left on top of lockers and making cleaning easier.

Numbered Systems - For identification and to make key control easier.

Locker Stands - A further aid to keep locker areas clean.

Biocote Protection - A new patent-protected powder coating which inhibits the growth of potentially lethal bacteria and fungi. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination from surfaces with high contact frequency (ideal in Clean Rooms). Please contact us for more information regarding Biocote Protection.

Please contact Clean Room Installation Services Ltd for details of our full range of Lockers.

Powdercoated Steel Lockers (with Biocote protection)
Powdercoated Steel Lockers (with Biocote protection)
Powdercoated Steel Lockers (with Biocote protection)

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